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TheChat: Obama admits that U.S. misjudged Syria

It’s play-off week!

“Underestimated.” — President Barack Obama acknowledging on “60 Minutes” Sunday that the U.S. misjudged what had taken place in Syria during that nation’s civil war.

Lawmakers continued to question the president’s approach to ISIS, with House Speaker John Boehner suggesting that the U.S. may have to send troops to deal with the organization.

“To the commander in chief, we then salute him.” — Sarah Palin mocking Obama’s “coffee cup” salute last week.

President Obama was criticized last week after he walked off Marine One and offered a less-than-formal salute with a coffee cup in hand. During a speech Friday in Washington, Palin reached for a cup and waved it around in a sarcastic salute.

“The farther we slip into the minority, the harder it is to recruit people to run for these seats.” — Democratic Minority Leader Jake Hummel about the challenges of recruiting Democrats to run for House seats in Jefferson City. (link via

Democrats are already looking at a House where Republicans hold a two-thirds veto-proof majority. Privately, Democrats admit that they didn’t have a good recruiting year, so breaking up that two-thirds advantage will be tough.

“I would love to discuss a potential writing opportunity with you.” — Molly Berry of Skyword to a member of the Missouri Capitol Press Corps.

Skyword was looking for content for the blog of Grow Missouri. That’s the political advocacy group of conservative kingpin Rex Sinquefield. Berry even indicated that the reporter wouldn’t have to attach his name to pieces he wrote. Rudi Keller of the Columbia Daily Tribune was one of the reporters contacted and concluded that the group was trying to buy him.