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Are lobbyists evil? A Dole Institute course at KU will examine that question

The Dole Institute at KU
The Dole Institute at KU

You probably think that lobbyists are evil.

You may think that they are over-paid good-for-nuthin’s who help corrupt our government.

That’s why you may be a good candidate for a summer course at the Dole Institute of Politics — “Government Relations & Lobbying: A Primer.”

“People often think of government relations or lobbying work in a very negative light, but the truth of the matter is that government relations professionals have a more positive and nuanced role in legislation,” said Dole Institute Director Bill Lacy. “I believe this series of programs will help people better understand exactly what lobbyists do.”

Sessions will be at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays beginning June 2 at the Dole Institute on the KU campus.

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