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Obama: The U.S. is tackling greenhouse gas emissions

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“Yes this is hard, but there should be no question that the United States of America is stepping up to the plate.” — President Barack Obama on Tuesday speaking about U.S. actions to cut greenhouse gases in a 14-minute address to the U.N.

Critics, and there will be many when it comes to these remarks, will insist that the U.S. hasn’t done nearly enough. Politico noted that representatives from some developing nations have already chided the U.S. and the West for doing too little.

“If you pull me over for a traffic ticket and you catch me doing the wrong and I get a ticket, I can deal with that. But if you pull me over and assume I did something wrong and you give me a traffic ticket and I can’t prove my innocence, what am I to do? I can’t beat them. It’s my word against theirs. And they’re going to take their word over mine because they’re carrying a badge.” — Ferguson resident Meldon Moffitt.

State and local policymakers are hearing Moffitt’s plea. In fact, they’re looking at big changes to Missouri’s municipal courts. The guiding principle: fairness. (link via

“Whether or not we have an Earth to live on in the next 50 years is a little more important than whether we have Obamacare. We’re here to say, ‘It’s time for (Congress) to act for the people, not for the corporations.’” — Laura Wacker, a spokeswoman for Peaceworks, an organization focused on social justice education.

Wacker was one of more than 100 climate change activists who gathered in Columbia over the weekend to support green legislation. Those involved said it’s been tough to convince energy companies to focus on renewable energy over fossil fuels.

“I support the airstrikes launched by the president, understanding that this is just one step in what must be a larger effort to destroy and defeat this terrorist organization.” — House Speaker John Boehner on the airstrikes in Syria that President Barack Obama ordered.

Finally, Congress appears to be in step with the president on a foreign policy issue. This one concerns battling ISIL.