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For the record, Inouye liked his girls chubby

Here we go:

“Don’t lose too much weight now. I like my girls chubby.” — former Hawaii Democrat Daniel Inouye, who died in 2012, to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, according to a report in The New York Times.

In her new memoir, Gillibrand discussed unnamed senators who had made comments about her weight and appearance.

“Shocking.” — David Axelrod on Monday on the recent incident in which an intruder ran across the White House lawn and through the home’s front door.

Axelrod pointed out that the White House is an office building and also home to the nation’s first family. He said never in his “wildest dreams” could he have imagined that the man could pull off what he did.

“I'm sure my mother was thrilled when she found out my bliss was going off to war.” — CNN’s Anderson Cooper telling an audience at Southeast Missouri State University about how he followed his mother’s advice to follow his bliss in life. We presume he was being facetious.

Cooper’s mother surely didn’t realize that for her son, that meant sneaking off to cover wars with little more than bootlegged press passes and home video cameras. (link courtesy of

“I hope by the first of October, I'll be a grandfather.” — former President Bill Clinton on CNN's “Global Public Square.”

The Clintons have said little about Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy. But Clinton couldn’t help himself when it comes to a possible due date.

Hillary Clinton, meantime, already is incorporating her grandchild-to-come into her addresses to audiences, telling a woman’s event Friday that “we will do everything possible to prepare this child, to protect this child.”