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Mayor Mark Holland plans countywide listening tour


Mayor Mark Holland is going on tour.

The mayor and CEO of Wyandotte County wants to talk to residents about what the county should do with its upcoming $12-million-a-year windfall, which will result when the county finishes paying off bonds used to finance Village West.

“These additional funds provide us an opportunity that doesn’t come around often, and we need to work collaboratively to make sure we put these resources to use thoughtfully and efficiently,” he said in a statement.

He added that the county has a lot of work to do and, “Residents should have a say on how we continue this progress.”

Among the tasks facing the community is sprucing up the eastern third of Wyandotte County that still suffers from poverty and run-down housing. In the past, Holland has said that while $12 million is a lot of money, the demands for those dollars will far exceed what’s available.

Holland’s meetings in each of the county’s eight commission districts will begin at 5:30 p.m. He’ll be joined by the commissioner representing the district at each stop.

Here’s a list of the sessions:

May 26, Northwest Middle School.

June 23, McKinley Elementary School

July 7, Rosedale Middle School

Aug. 25, Wyandotte High School

Sept. 8, Piper High School

Oct. 13, Turner High School

Nov. 17, Bonner High School

Dec. 8, Schlagle High School

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