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Jean Schodorf blasts Kris Kobach over his handling of Chad Taylor case

It’s Friday, and it’s a big weekend for the Boys in Blue.

▪ “Mr. Kobach runs the Office of the Secretary of State like a laboratory for legal experimentation. While this may be interesting for Mr. Kobach, it is an embarrassment for most of us.” — Democrat Jean Schodorf, a candidate for Kansas secretary of state, in a statement following the state Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday that Democrat Chad Taylor’s name must come off the November ballot.

Kobach lost this case, and Schodorf teed off on it. The case, and Kobach’s handling of it, may well further undermine his prospects for winning re-election in November.

▪ “Two decades ago, Missouri voters spoke loud and clear that the proceeds from the Missouri Lottery should benefit our public schools, and it’s clear that the lottery has some work to do if it’s going to keep delivering on that promise.” — Gov. Jay Nixon on a new report that examined the operations of the Missouri Lottery and cited several ways that operations could improve.

Nixon ordered the review in July citing a decrease in the percent of lottery revenues going to education while lottery ticket sales continued to grow. Among the recommendations: Aligning incentives for contractors with the goal of increased funds for education.

▪ “Living in an evidence-free zone.” — Hillary Clinton describing Congress on Thursday.

The likely presidential candidate complained that progress on issues like the minimum wage and ensuring equal pay for women fails to happen because lawmakers are too disconnected from ordinary Americans. She encouraged Americans to more fully engage in politics to change that dynamic.

▪ “This GAO report makes it clear that, more than a year later, the administration refuses to provide a true account of how the website is performing and whether it is safe for Americans to use.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran on a new government report detailing ongoing problems with the security of the Obamacare website.

The problems aren’t getting fixed, the Republican charged. Moran also said the Obama administration “has consistently kept Congress and the public in the dark” about all this.

akers who are disconnected from the struggles people are facing, she argued. The economic struggles everyday Americans deal with are "roiling beneath the surface of the political debates," said Clinton.