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TheChat: The president (finally) joins Twitter

Obama tweeting
Obama tweeting

Good morning.

▪ “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really!” — President Obama announcing that he’s gotten his own Twitter account.

Added the president, “Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account."

▪ “This is a bi-partisan issue that needs to be fixed.” — House Democratic leader Jake Hummel on the need for lawmakers to address internship programs in the Capitol in the wake of former House Speaker John Diehl’s resignation. Diehl resigned in the wake of revelations of his sexting relationship with a college intern.

Lawmakers from both parties are talking about the need to repair the internship program. Hummel, a Democrat, said that will happen over the summer. (link via

▪ “We've been here 90 days. I don't think it's fair to add to the shortfall just because we couldn't finish in 90 days.” — Kansas state Rep. Fred Patton of Topeka on his decision to not only refuse his daily salary, but also his per diem for lodging, meals and other expenses.

As the Legislature moves past its 90th day, about 10 percent of legislators have opted to refuse their $88.66 daily pay.

▪ “Our local police officers and law enforcement deserve respect, and our first responders deserve the best tools and training available to protect and serve our communities. That doesn’t mean Main Street should be filled with tear gas, sound cannons, MRAPs, or other weapons of war.” — Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver applauding Obama’s decision to limit military hardware that will be distributed to police departments across the country.

This is another response to the crisis in Ferguson. Cleaver, a Democrat, said he favors a more “proportionate-response style of policing” than what was seen in Ferguson.