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TheChat: Jeb Bush says he misheard question on whether he would’ve invaded Iraq


Let’s do this.

▪ “Yes, I misheard the question.” — likely Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush walking back his answer to a question about whether he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq knowing what we know now. Bush had answered “yes.”

Bush was harshly criticized for his answer. On Tuesday, a Bush ally weighed in after asking Bush if he had misheard the question. Bush said he had. In his original answer, Bush said this: “I would have (gone to war). And so would Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody. So would have everybody that was confronted by the intelligence they got.”

▪  "This bill is polluted, and this bill will pollute our state." — Missouri state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, talking during a filibuster in the state Senate against anti-union legislation.

Democrats are talking about more than right-to-work. They’re also bringing up how the GOP is handling welfare reform and Medicaid expansion, which they say amount to an all-out attack on the middle class of Missouri.

▪  “It’s like standoff at the OK Corral here right now.” — Alexandra Townsend, an organized labor activist who witnessed a showdown between reporters and state senators over whether the reporters could record the proceedings of a right-to-work hearing before a Missouri Senate committee.

Reporters were initially barred from making a recording and were told that the Senate was recording the session and the tape would be made available at the hearing’s conclusion. Reporters said they needed faster access to meet deadlines. Senators later backed down, but kept in place a ban on filming the hearing or taking photos.

▪ “We’re not going to go broke again.” — state Sen. Les Donovan, a Wichita Republican and chair of the Senate Tax Committee, on a tax-increase plan he’s pushing to close a $400 million deficit in Kansas.

Donovan is trying to spread the tax-increase burden around to a wide swath of taxpayers. But whether such a bill can muster majority support in the Legislature remains highly uncertain.