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Missouri is no longer home to the youngest statewide official


For a couple years there, Jason Kander could boast to the world that he was the youngest elected statewide official in the entire United States.

With a DOB of May 4, 1981, the Democratic secretary of state in Missouri assumed office at the ripe ol’ age of 31.

Then Ryan Rauschenberger came along.

In November, the North Dakota tax commissioner, a Republican, was elected to the office after having been appointed to it the year before.

His date of birth is Dec. 6, 1982.

So Rauschenberger had Kander by more than a year and, apparently, now holds the title of the nation’s youngest elected statewide official.

We saw “apparently” because neither the National Conference of State Legislatures nor the National Governors Association keeps track of such matters. It’s up to Google searches and the like.

“He think it’s cool, I guess,” said his spokeswoman, Jen Raab. “He was a little shocked actually.”

For the record, Rauschenberger’s office didn’t know if their boy-commissioner was the youngest. It took a reporter from The Buzz to fill them in.

Last month, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon appointed Nicole Galloway, the Boone County treasurer, as state auditor. As an appointed official rather than an elected one, Galloway falls into a different category. Kander’s office reports that several appointed statewide officials dot the national landscape who are in their 20s.

Galloway’s DOB? June 13, 1982, making her 32.

That’s way, way too old to be the youngest. Poor Nicole. She’s already over the hill.