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Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts learns his residency may not be an issue this fall

The weather’s just fine, isn’t it?

“About seven times.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts on Saturday on how many times he’d visited his hometown of Dodge City this year.

In the State Fair debate, Roberts’ challenger, independent Greg Orman, said he thought he’d been to Dodge City more times this year than Roberts. Orman said he’d visited four times. The residency issue, of course, was a big one during the GOP primary fight between Roberts and Milton Wolf. But Orman also said he wouldn’t press the matter in the fall campaign.

“I don’t come into this assuming that all of this is bad.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill previewing a hearing she’ll hold Tuesday examining “police militarization.”

The senator said she saw examples in Ferguson where military equipment that police were using was counterproductive and other examples where it was useful. (link via

“Devastating drafting errors.” — Missouri state Rep. Jay Barnes, a Jefferson City Republican, on GOP tax-cut bills that Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed.

Lawmakers are back in the state Capitol on Wednesday to consider whether to override any of Nixon’s 33 vetoes. Some of the vetoed bills cut taxes. Barnes contends that at least eight of the measures contain either “devastating drafting errors” or would cost the state general revenue without stimulating “meaningful economic growth.” As a result, the thinking is Nixon will stave off some of the override attempts.

“I should’ve anticipated the optics.” — President Barack Obama on “Meet the Press” Sunday about his decision to play golf after commenting on ISIL’s killing of James Foley.

Obama acknowledged that he blew it. “Part of this job is also the theater of it,” he said. “That’s not something that always comes naturally to me. But it matters.”