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TheChat: The day that Hillary Clinton dined incognito

Hillary in disguise
Hillary in disguise

Happy Tax Day to you, too!

▪ “The thing is, she has these dark sunglasses on. She just was another lady.” — Charles Wright, a manager of a Chipotle restaurant in Maumee, Ohio, near Toledo learning that Hillary Clinton had dined at his restaurant.

No one recognized Mrs. Clinton until a reporter called to ask about her visit. Even then, Wright insisted that the report was false — until he reviewed surveillance recordings that revealed that Clinton had, in fact, dined there.

▪ “So to have that label put on him, that really upset me, I will say.” — Kelley Paul, wife of GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul, defending her husband against charges that he’s sexist.

Paul picked up the label after he sparred recently with two female news hosts. Kelley Paul said her husband values other people’s talents and abilities “for who they are.”

▪ “Eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough.” — NRA President Wayne LaPierre on President Barack Obama.

LaPierre pledged that the organization would fight Clinton’s bid for the White House with everything it has.

▪ “I still don’t hear his name from conservatives at all.” — conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace on Sen. Marco Rubio’s struggles with the right following his support for a bipartisan immigration bill that would have been the most sweeping set of changes in a generation.

Deace said the reason for the silence has everything to do with Rubio’s work on the issue, which his advisers warned him to avoid.

▪ “She really has lived the life of a 1-percenter these last several years, and it shows.” — Steven Law, the CEO for American Crossroads, on the Democratic attempt to brand Clinton as concerned about the plight of middle-class Americans.

Law pointed out that Clinton has admitted to not have driven a car for decades. The GOP appears to be coalescing around a theme that Clinton is too wealthy and out-of-touch and plays by her own rules.