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R. Crosby Kemper III, other library backers ‘thrown out’ of Gov. Jay Nixon’s office


Kansas City Public Library director R. Crosby Kemper III took to social media Wednesday to complain that he and other library supporters got the bum’s rush out of the Missouri governor’s office.

Kemper said his group — he didn’t say how many were in that group — showed up to protest cuts in library budgets. The group had an appointment, he said.

“We were just thrown out of Governor Nixon's office,” Kemper wrote on Facebook. “We were respectful and polite and had just arrived but apparently the notion that we were slightly critical and not whispering was too much.

“They said they were working in Jay 's office, and we were too loud. We said we 'll be quieter. They said too late and had the grim state trooper throw us out and call security.

“It stunned every one of us. We were in fact quieter than any other office we had been in. I have never been treated like that in my 54 years of active politics.”

Kemper, a well-known conservative, also said state troopers then “followed us around the Capitol.”

Scott Holste, a spokesman for Nixon, said he was unaware that an appointment had been made.

“But,” he wrote in an email to The Buzz, “they were given an opportunity to have representatives speak with staff members one at a time in the reception area.

“They were reminded that it’s a working office, with meetings in surrounding rooms, and when the volume go to be too much, they were politely asked to step out of the office.”

And that, Holste added, “was the end of it.”

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