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Mitch McConnell seeks to avoid any discussion of former top aide

Here we go ...

"We're moving on." – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declining Tuesday to discuss the resignation of his former campaign manager.

The manager, Jesse Benton, quit the job last week amid questions about his role in a federal bribery case in Iowa. The issue involves Benton’s work as political director of Ron Paul’s bid for president in 2012.

Paul’s campaign gave $73,000 to a state senator for his endorsement. The issue is whether Benton knew about the payment. McConnell wants to move on because he’s in a tight race with the state’s secretary of state.

"I’m looking forward to my seventh trip back to my home state of Kansas this year." – former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole on his trip this week to southern Kansas.

This will be the 90 year old Dole’s seventh "homecoming" trip back to the state he represented in Congress for 35 years. This time, he’s bringing wife Elizabeth with him. Yes, all this is amazing.

"This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet other Biden Alumni from over the years." – Greg Schultz, an adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, who recently staged a conference call with hundreds of his former Senate, vice presidential and campaign staffers. He has a second gathering on Sept. 16 for former aides in Delaware and in Washington, and this is from the invitation to that event.

That he made the call is raising questions about Biden’s motives. Perhaps, some say, it’s to reconnect in case he decides to run for president in 2016. Others say, nah, he’s just being friendly. We opt for the former explanation under the category of "if Hillary doesn’t run."

“We need to get our fiscal house in order and then fund education." – an animated Paul Davis, the Kansas Democratic gubernatorial candidate, on Tuesday lamenting a cut in base state aid per pupil under Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration.

Davis said Brownback’s tax cuts are starving public schools of money. Davis’ plan is to repeal future additional tax cuts as a way to halt the decline. This was a somewhat rare Davis encounter with the media so far in this campaign.

His plan has been to lie low and let Brownback hurt himself.