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CNN: GOP is getting jittery over Kansas, Roberts

CNN’s John King is reporting that with control of the U.S. Senate on the line, leading Republicans are growing increasingly nervous about the campaign of incumbent Pat Roberts in Kansas.

The post-primary assumption that Kansas is a lock for Roberts may not be the case.

From King’s report:

A number of top Republican strategists who have seen the latest research say (Kansas for Roberts) it is now hardly a sure thing.

These strategists are furious with Roberts personally, and even more so with a campaign team they say has not risen to the challenge.

So there is mounting pressure on the other Kansas senator, Jerry Moran, who just happens to lead the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

I'm told leading GOP voices are pushing the NRSC to get more aggressive, including pushing for a shakeup in the Roberts campaign team.

And in the GOP super PAC community, there are conversations that it might become necessary to spend money in a state that no one thought would be -- or should be -- on a 2014 list of potential Democratic pickups.