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Missouri Black Caucus chair defends Gov. Jay Nixon on Ferguson

Happy Wednesday to you.

“He has handled this as well as he could.” — Missouri state Rep. Tommie Pierson, a Democrat and chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, on Monday speaking about Gov. Jay Nixon’s work in Ferguson.

Given Nixon’s perceived interest in higher office, pundits are watching him closely as the governor tries to sort through the Ferguson crisis.

“It is difficult any time to get 110 people in the same place at the same time.” — Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones on the challenge facing Republicans who now have a veto-proof majority in the state House just in time for the September veto session.

Jones is working to downplay expectations given the size of the Republican House caucus these days. House Republicans picked up two more seats in special elections this month. Republicans will have to remain united to overturn Nixon on several issues, and truth be told, that is a challenging task. (link via

“Why would they be worried about me? What have I done to bother them?” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaking, jokingly, about the Koch brothers. Reid has been a relentless critic.

According to Politico, the Koch brothers are already laying the groundwork to defeat Reid two years from now when he comes up for election again.

“There’s not a racial divide in the city of Ferguson.” — Ferguson Mayor James Knowles on MSNBC.

Earth to Mayor Knowles....Earth to Mayor Knowles...