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Clinton tries to make amends to Obama

A special top of the morning to Steve Paul, the long-time Star reporter and editor named Tuesday as the newspaper’s new editorial page editor.

“Earlier today, the secretary called President Obama to make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him, his policies, or his leadership.” — Hillary Clinton in a statement Tuesday in which she sought to clarify comments she made recently about the president’s foreign policy.

Clinton has some back-tracking to do because she clearly dissed the president with her critique of Obama’s principle of “don’t do stupid stuff” overseas. As we pointed out Tuesday morning, Clinton is seeking to distance herself from an unpopular president to whom she remains closely linked. This is all a political chess game.

“It is time to let Congressman Yoder know that his lobbyist-funded antics are about to come to an end.” — Democrat Kelly Kultala announcing her campaign kickoff this Thursday in Overland Park.

Kultala, a former Kansas state senator, needs to spark her uphill campaign against the incumbent, so expect her to come out firing this week when she unveils her campaign against the 3rd District congressman. Consider her a long shot.

“We're going to continue to grow the economy.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback outlining a second-term agenda Tuesday.

Brownback, a Republican seeking re-election this fall, made several stops Tuesday in a bid to provide a second-term agenda. He said his administration was successful in creating 55,000 jobs and aims to create 100,000 more in term two. Critics say Brownback’s tax cuts went a long way towards undermining the economy in his first four years.

“I looked down and I see this thing ‘Jeff Bridges for Senator’ and I said, ‘What?’” — actor Jeff Bridges squashing talk that he’ll run for a Montana Senate seat.

I guess this means we can all relax. Bridges’ wife told him to not even think about it.

Turns out a bunch of Montana residents had begun to urge him to run for a seat since Sen. John Walsh withdrew following a plagiarism scandal. Apparently, it’s not going to happen.