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Blunt to focus on Obama in Missouri swing

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt plans a nine-stop tour through Missouri this week in which he’ll talk often about his belief that President Barack Obama has overreached his authority.

Blunt’s office said the senator will talk of the need to pass the so-called “Enforce the Law Act.” The legislation would install a procedure to allow Congress to authorize a court case against the executive branch for failure to faithfully execute the laws.

Republicans have said for months that Obama has gone beyond his constitutional authority in dealing with immigration, the Affordable Care Act and other laws.

“Congress must hold President Obama accountable,” Blunt wrote recently.

The House passed the “Enforce the Law Act” in March. The Democrat-controlled Senate isn’t likely to go along. But Republicans are keeping up the pressure on Obama as the mid-term elections near.

Blunt is scheduled to be in Kansas City on Tuesday when he is to discuss a proposed EPA water rule with agribusiness leaders at American Royal Association. On Thursday, he is to be at the State Fair in Sedalia.