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Mike Huckabee hops aboard the impeach Obama bandwagon

Good morning.

“There's no doubt he's done plenty of things worthy of impeachment.” — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee telling conservative radio host Steve Deace that President Barack Obama deserves to be impeached.

Republicans can’t quite pull themselves away from a story that will hurt them this fall in the mid-term election.

“In our opinion, there is reason to believe the budget is not structurally aligned.” — bond rating agency Standard & Poor’s explaining why it downgraded Kansas bonds.

S&P took the rating from AA+ to AA. The move marked the second recent downgrade and comes the day Gov. Sam Brownback launched his post-primary re-election drive.

“My name is Michelle Obama and I am an African American woman.” — the first lady beginning her remarks at Wednesday’s symposium in Washington for the spouses of African leaders.

Speaking with former first lady Laura Bush, Obama emphasized the importance that education played in her life.

“We will push the idea of one big team. The party is here to help every Republican candidate.” — Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party.

Party officials are desperately trying to pull together the various factions that make up the modern-day GOP. It’s too soon to say how successful they’ll be.