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TheChat: Eric Greitens remains committed to ethics reform in Jeff City


Good morning.

▪ “We have to clean up Jefferson City and give the people back their government.” — Austin Chambers, spokesman for Missouri Gov.-elect Eric Greitens, on the need to focus on ethics reform in the state Capitol.

Some legislative leaders were put off by Greitens’ continuing focus on “corrupt, career politicians” in Jefferson City. Chambers says Greitens wants a good working relationship with legislators, but also wants to push ahead with ethics reforms, which some leaders have resisted for years. That will be an interesting dance.

▪ “I don't think there's any smoothing over needed.” — Missouri GOP House Speaker Todd Richardson speaking about his relationship with Greitens.

Richardson said Greitens appears eager to work with the GOP House caucus. “I think he's been sincere in that ... I think it's going to be a strong, productive working relationship,” the speaker said.

▪ “House Democrats can be proud that despite the tough election year nationwide, we stopped the majority from picking up a single state legislative seat for the first time in eight years.” — Missouri Rep. Gail McCann Beatty, the incoming House minority leader, on the election.

Give Beatty credit for trying to put a happy spin on some tough numbers for Democrats. Republicans will outnumber Democrats in the House by 117-46, matching the largest GOP majority in Missouri history.

▪ “We felt so good about where we were.” — Hillary Clinton reflecting Saturday on where her campaign stood before FBI director James Comey issued his letter saying the bureau was reopening its investigation of Clinton’s emails.

The letter, she said, wound up stopping her campaign’s momentum at a critical time.