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TheChat: Bettors are putting their money on Hillary Clinton Tuesday

Clinton, Trump
Clinton, Trump

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▪ “81.8:” The odds that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency today, according to the live betting odds on Monday.

Different websites were reporting different odds, but many were in the same ballpark. Madam President, anybody?

▪ “It’s the biggest crisis facing our democracy, the failing business model of real journalism.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, who worries about the impact of fake news that proliferates the Internet these days.

Fake news pollutes social media and other sites these days, and the dwindling corps of legitimate reporters is struggling to counter it. McCaskill said mainstream journalism “is partly to blame” for being slow to adjust as the internet turned its business model upside down. “Fake news got way out ahead of them,” she said. (link via

▪ “Election 2016 ends where it began — an unhappy electorate looking for change, dissatisfied with the choices they had for president.” — pollster Peter Hart, who conducted focus groups throughout the campaign for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Many voters are voting against a candidate rather than for one, Hart noted. He called that both sad and dispiriting.

▪ “Too little, too late.” — the headline on a CNN story Monday about FBI director James Comey’s announcement Sunday that the discovery of new Hillary Clinton emails would not lead to charges against her.

The Sunday development came after many voters had already made up their minds about the race. One senior Democrat acknowledged that it was "impossible to fully undo the damage of the last nine days," but added that a sense of relief had settled inside the Clinton camp that the matter was resolved.