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TheChat: Missouri’s Ann Wagner is back with Donald Trump

Just four days left...

▪ “I have always been voting for Donald Trump, and I will do that next Tuesday.” — Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner, a Republican.

Wagner has travled a long, torturous road when it comes to backing Trump. She announced her support of him, then unendorsed him following the release of that infamous video last month. Now she says she won’t formally endorse him again, and won’t defend him, but is voting for him. Got all that? Wagner is said to be interested in a 2018 run for the U.S. Senate. (link via

▪ “We are one justice away from a radical, five-justice left-wing majority, the likes of which this country's never seen.” — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who was in Springfield campaigning for Sen. Roy Blunt.

Blunt has turned to Cruz to shore up his conservative base that was damaged in 2012 when he sought to get Todd Akin out of that year’s Senate race. Blunt and Cruz are pushing the Supreme Court argument hard in what may be a sign that they believe that’s their best argument as the race winds down.

▪ “It’s very obvious that there’s a Trump-Kander voter.” — Will Baskin-Gerwitz of the Missouri Democratic Party on Jason Kander’s unusual appeal.

Baskin-Gerwitz said the cross-party dynamic has been apparent since the campaign began, and it’s evident in polls. Both are regarded as outsiders, and this, after all, is the year of the outsider.

▪ “It appears that a staffer at the charity was directed to create a list of all the major donors — with their contact information.” — Roy Temple, chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, alleging that the charity that Eric Greitens, the GOP gubernatorial candidate, founded was used to benefit his campaign.

That would be a no-no. The question is whether a list of donors to Greitens’ The Mission Continues charity made its way to the campaign. KMOX is reporting that the state Ethics Commission has subpoenaed a former Greitens aid.