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Brownback, Wolf and Roberts reflect on the primary election results

The votes are in, and so are the quotes:

“The battle for liberty goes on.” — losing Kansas Senate candidate Milton Wolf Tuesday night when asked if he had another race in him.

Wolf didn’t rule it out, and there’s no reason why he couldn’t try again. Remember this: Save for his wayward Facebook posts, it might well have been Wolf celebrating a major upset over three-term incumbent Pat Roberts Tuesday night.

“I’m Reagan style Republican, and my opponent, Paul Davis, is an Obama-style Democrat.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on primary night.

Brownback clearly will attempt to nationalize the race by tying his opponent to Washington and all things Obama. Davis will scramble to keep the focus on Kansas and Brownback’s record. Whoever accomplishes his goal most effectively wins in November.

“There just isn’t any consensus on how to pay for it.” — Stephen Miller, chairman of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, following the defeat of the three-quarters-cent sales tax for highways Tuesday night.

There is absolutely no consensus. Gov. Jay Nixon will have to lead the way to a bipartisan solution here, and that could be tough given the magnitude of the 59-41 percent defeat.

“The truth is, Republicans in Kansas and nationally cannot afford the kind of intra-party fratricide we have seen recently.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts at his victory celebration.

Roberts sees it correctly. He needs a unified GOP to ensure his re-election to a fourth Senate term in November.