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TheChat: Donald Trump backers are clinging to hope


Let’s do this.

▪ “He’s probably doing a lot better among Democratic and independent voters than (Mitt) Romney did.” — former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Donald Trump.

That appeal is making up for the drop in support Trump is experiencing among traditional Republicans, he said.

▪ “I have no interest in Trump TV.” — Trump dismissing the notion that he would launch a new media venture after the election.

The only thing he’s interested in is winning the Nov. 8 presidential election, Trump said. But “no interest?” Really? That’s a little hard to swallow.

▪ “Everything. And I kind of mean that. There are so many moving parts to an election, and as a director you can't control every single piece of it. You just hope it all holds together and you make it through Election Day.” — Eric Fey, Democratic director of elections in St. Louis County, on what keeps him up at night two weeks before a presidential election.

Another big concern: all those temporary employees who swell office staffs from 25 to more than 1,000. That’s a lot of people to track. (link courtesy of

▪ “I’ve heard from a couple folks, ‘Well, maybe you’re a soft-on-crime type. You’re coddling these people.’ Nobody’s getting a free pass.” — Jason Geier, a Topeka Municipal Court judge involved with the city’s alternative court that helps people with mental illness.

The idea is to get services to people who need it and lower the cost of incarceration for city and county governments while not increasing the threat to public safety.