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TheChat: In KC, Rick Santorum offers up some meat — the red variety

If you weren’t at the Folk Alliance festival this weekend in KC, you reallllly missed it.

▪ “I’ll tell you how unpopular Obama is around the world. The Kenyans are developing evidence to prove he was born in America.” — GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum speaking in KC on Saturday night at the annual gala of the Missouri Republican Party. (quote courtesy of Eli Yokley of PoliticMO).

Red meat from the conservative former Pennsylvania senator who won the Missouri presidential primary in 2012. He’s looking at another run in 2016 and is regarded as a long shot.

▪ “Is it such a bad thing to have as chairman someone who has spent their entire professional life electing Republicans across this country?” — John Hancock, a professional GOP consultant and the new chair of the Missouri GOP, on Saturday refuting criticism that he wasn’t fit for the job because of his occupation.

Hancock pledged to take no pay for the chairman’s job and do no work for any Missouri candidates.

▪ “I’ll be out of here and at the hotel bar.” — Ed Martin, the outgoing GOP chair who dropped out of a re-election race after it appeared that Hancock had won it. Martin was speaking Saturday morning to Missouri GOP State Committee members.

Give Martin this much: He was gracious in defeat. But he leaves behind a party in debt, in apparent need of more updated technology and facing what appears to be a contentious battle for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2016.

▪ “Where is Gov. Brownback’s school finance plan? I don’t even know of a bill that’s been introduced.” — Kansas state Sen. Anthony Hensley, the ranking Democrat, criticizing what he called Brownback’s failure to introduce a bill to fund schools in the next fiscal year.

Brownback, a Republican, has called for wiping out the school-finance formula and going to a block-grant approach for a year or two while a new formula is written. This is an idea that would affect every school district in the state. And yet, Hensley said, no proposal has even been introduced as the Legislature nears the end of its second month in session.