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Sly James holds municipal summit with statewide candidates — but no Republicans show


Kansas City Mayor Sly James on Friday convened a meeting of mayors from across the state and candidates running for statewide office.

The purpose: to discuss issues of importance to municipal governments.

The problem: No Republican candidates showed.

Not a one.

“Nope, no Republicans attended today unfortunately, even though we contacted each of them a couple times,” said James’ chief of staff Joni Wickham.

“It’s unfortunate they chose not to spend some time with the state's mayors but the mayors still had a very meaningful discussion about how they can all work together towards our common goals. I know the mayors appreciated that several candidates did take the time to speak with them.”

The entire statewide slate of Democratic candidates, including gubernatorial contender Chris Koster, was on hand in Columbia for the session, which also included 20 mayors.

Topics discussed included economic development, education funding, REAL ID laws, strategies to fight crime, transportation funding and Medicaid reform.