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The Trump factor, investment counseling, and Roy Blunt’s home address: Trailwatch, Oct. 14

Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.
Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.

The Kansas and Missouri down-ballot races are turning more aggressive — but no videotapes have surfaced, at least not yet.

The Kansas 3rd House race is particularly personal, suggesting it’s pretty close. Democrats said they have a poll showing Hillary Clinton winning in the 3rd by 10 points. If that’s right, Trump is in trouble, and Yoder may be as well.

Thursday, USA Today questioned Roy Blunt’s real address. It’s a problem that trips up lots of men and women in Congress — Sen. Jerry Moran lived in the C Street House, Sen. Pat Roberts rented out his Kansas home, and now Blunt.

To the trail...


Republicans are seriously pushing the story about Democrat Jay Sidie’s investment counseling business. The GOP claims Sidie never registered the investment business with the state, making it illegal. Sidie says he’s exempt from the filing requirement.

Here’s the story we wrote Oct. 6.

Other media outlets have written about it since. And GOP incumbent Kevin Yoder is making it the focus of a campaign commercial:

It’s clear the Yoder camp believes this is a significant issue in the race, and they’ve invested some energy in pushing the message out. They claim Sidie’s admitted failure to file the registration suggests he’s lying about his business, which was promoted to the public.

Yoder’s campaign distributed this story from our friend Micheal Mahoney:

It’s fair to suggest Sidie’s campaign has been less than clear about how his business actually worked, and voters can judge the Democrat’s candor about the company.

No impartial party has determined Sidie broke Kansas law.

The Kansas Securities commissioner has been asked to examine the Sidie business, and the claimed exemption from the filing requirements. A spokeswoman said compliance with the registration requirement depends on “facts.” As of this date, all of the facts aren’t in.

Remember, Yoder faces an ethics complaint for contributions from payday lenders. The complaint has not been processed, and there has been no finding of illegality in those donations, either.

Sidie’s campaign pointed to a poll showing him closer to Yoder.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did its best to link Yoder with Donald Trump’s scandals. “It’s too late for Yoder to say anything to make up for his enabling of Trump for this long,” said DSCC spokesman Tyler Law.


USA Today wants to know more about Sen. Roy Blunt’s address. Living arrangements came up in Blunt’s first Senate campaign.

Monmouth says Roy Blunt leads by two points over Jason Kander. Kander outraised Blunt in the third quarter.

Here’s an update on the race. Ads against Blunt grew even more personal this week.

It appears there will be no more debates in the Senate race, or the governor’s race. Glad we went to Branson.

The AFL-CIO says it’s sending weekly pieces of mail to members urging a vote for Kander.

Blunt and Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., met privately Thursday with restauranteurs, then raised money in Kansas City. Moran is also running for re-election.

Kander is set to campaign Friday afternoon with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in Kansas City. Republicans called Warren a “rock-throwing liberal.”

Kander is a named defendant in a discrimination lawsuit.


Eric Greitens is arguing Chris Koster wants to “expand” Obamacare:

The debate is over bringing expanded Medicaid to Missouri.

Greitens is also criticizing Koster for an alleged cozy relationship between the AG’s office and corporations and lobbying groups. We wrote about this issue in 2008. The New York Times later did a similar story.

Greitens has started a statewide bus tour. His campaign criticized a Koster endorsement from the National Abortion Rights Action League, or NARAL.


The Sierra Club endorsed Teresa Hensley, the Democrat.

Josh Hawley has a new ad: