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TheChat: Kansas Senate president Susan Wagle signals willingness to change course on tax policy


Good morning.

▪ “You know what, we’ve gone to a lot of work, we’ve had a lot of communications, and we have a plan. We’ve heard the concerns of the voters and we’re going to fix it.” — Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle, a Republican, signaling a willingness to consider changes to Kansas tax policy.

That appears to include changes to the tax cuts that Brownback, Wagle and other Republicans passed in 2012. This is a big change in attitude, folks, from a leading Kansas Republican.

▪ “It has taken us seven months to get here.” — Susan Klein of Missouri Right to Life on the group’s efforts to contact GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens.

Klein said Greitens has finally filled out a questionnaire, but Right to Life is now trying to set up a meeting with Greitens, which hasn’t happened four weeks before election day. Republicans typically win the Missouri Right to Life endorsement, but the group remains uncommitted.

▪ “It tells you he is insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting other people down.” — President Barack Obama on you-know-who.

The president trotted out a fresh word to describe the GOP presidential nominee. He added, ““Not a character trait that I would advise for somebody in the Oval Office.”

▪ “We also need to make sure that we permanently close the revolving door that allows members of Congress to become lobbyists.” — Democratic Senate candidate Jason Kander of Missouri emphasizing the need for ethics reform in Washington.

Kander pushed similar ethics issues as a state lawmaker from Kansas City and wants to continue the crusade in the nation’s capital.