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TheChat: Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts concerned about `lack of transparency’ at Haskell


Good morning.

▪ “This recent lack of transparency regarding allegations of nepotism at a federally funded institution is of even greater concern.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts on Haskell Indian Nation University’s decision to remain mum about its hiring of Joshua Arce, who happens to be the son of the university’s president.

President Venida Chenault is facing nepotism allegations. Roberts also pointed to university mismanagement problems in recent years.

▪ “When this amount of money floods into this race, I think people pay attention.” — St. Louis Alderman Scott Ogilvie who’s accusing GOP attorney general candidate Josh Hawley of attempting to conceal the source of nearly $3.1 million in campaign contributions.

Ogilvie has filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission concerning money that came to Hawley via the Republican Attorneys General Association.

▪ “We certainly wish that Backpage had willingly cooperated with our investigation.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, in a joint statement Thursday on the arrest of CEO Carl Ferrer on human trafficking charges.

Backpage refused to comply with a subpoena that McCaskill and Portman issued. A Senate subcommittee that McCaskill and Portman serve on has been investigating online sex trafficking for 18 months.

▪ “Anything they are doing now is like sticking a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.” — Chris Wilson, who was director of research, analytics and digital strategy for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, on the Trump campaign’s decision to spend millions on data to attract more campaign donations and win over voters.

Critics have said Trump has until recently overlooked the need for data, which they say has become a staple of modern campaigns. Wilson said Trump’s effort in the data arena is nowhere near Hillary Clinton’s.