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Gallup: Kansas is seventh-most Republican state, Missouri 'competitive'

Gallup regularly trots out interesting polls, and their latest “State of the States” series contains several factoids worth checking out.

▪ Kansas ranks as the seventh-most Republican state in the country, based on Gallup’s national survey of voters across the country. The state broke down with 47.9 percent of voters identifying as Republicans to 35.6 percent who said they were Democrats.

Frankly, we were surprised Kansas didn’t rank higher on the GOP scale. It trailed Wyoming at number one, followed by Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Montana and Alabama.

▪ Missouri checked in at #34 (with number one on this scale being the most Democratic state, Massachusetts). Gallup found that 39.3 percent of Missourians said they were Democratic compared with 43.8 percent who said they were Republican.

But the state, once ranked as the most reliable presidential bellwether state in the nation, appears to be shifting. Gallup ranked it as “competitive,” but Missouri was just two spots away from the “lean Republican” category.

▪ The survey showed something else — a significant national shift away from the Democrats. In 2008, Gallup said 29 states were regarded as solid Democratic. Just six years later, that number had fallen to 11.

Meantime, the number of “solid Republican” states had risen from four in 2008 to 10 in 2014.

Concluded Gallup:

“Since 2008, there has been a significant movement away from the Democratic Party both at the national level and in many states. Democrats still maintain a modest advantage in national partisanship, partly because they have an advantage in some of the most highly populated states such as California, New York and Illinois.

“At the same time, other large states like Florida and Texas are competitive, with Florida showing a slight Democratic edge and Texas a slight Republican one.”