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Sidie gets national boost, Yoder calls for probe of deputy’s death

Jay Sidie, KS 03 Democratic candidate
Jay Sidie, KS 03 Democratic candidate Kansas City Star

Democrat Jay Sidie is getting more help from national Democrats.

His campaign said Friday Sidie is part of what’s called the Red to Blue program. Red to Blue candidates get “financial, communications, grassroots, and strategic support,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says.

Democrats believe they have an outside shot at the Kansas 3rd District, largely because Donald Trump and Sam Brownback are pretty unpopular in Johnson County. Sidie’s campaign has tried to link incumbent Rep. Kevin Yoder to both Republicans.

For his part Friday, Yoder called for a federal investigation into the immigrations status of Adrian Espinosa-Flores, the man accused of killing Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Collins. Collins was killed when his patrol vehicle was struck by a car allegedly driven by Espinosa-Flores.

The suspect was allegedly intoxicated, and was apparently in the country illegally. He was previously arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in California.

Yoder called the incident “absolutely tragic,” and blamed the Obama Administration for the suspect’s presence in the United States.