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TheChat: Lester Holt can’t win


Happy Friday.

▪ “I certainly don’t think you want Candy Crowley again.” — Donald Trump suggesting that NBC News anchor Lester Holt should be a moderator, and not a fact-checker, at Monday night’s first presidential debate.

Crowley attempted to fact check Republican Mitt Romney at a 2012 presidential debate in a move that Trump said threw the debate off stride. Trump said if a candidate makes a mistake Monday, it’s up to the opponent to set the record straight.

▪ “We believe that the moderators should not be passive in pushing back on statements from either candidate that are just not true.” — political scientist Larry Sabato and crew at the University of Virginia Center for Politics looking at Monday night’s debate.

Easier said than done, to be sure. But Sabato’s view is shared by many, and that places a big burden on Holt. Wrote Sabato about the need for an aggressive overseer: “Hillary Clinton has made plenty of misstatements and uttered lots of half-truths, but Trump has the record in both categories, according to nonpartisan fact-checkers.” Bottom line: Holt faces an impossible task Monday.

▪ “Hillary has been at so many fund-raisers and off the campaign trail. And a lot of money is coming from special interests, so we’re concerned about what that’s going to mean.” — Democrat B. Rowe Winecoff, a retired social worker from Newton, Iowa, who gave $120 to President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012, but has yet to give any money to Hillary Clinton in this election.

Clinton may be outraising Donald Trump, but she’s yet to replicate the small-donor network that Obama built so successfully.

▪ “This is Sam Brownback’s race to zero.” — Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a Democrat, on the news that the state likely will end the year in the red.

A new memo from legislative researchers suggests that more cuts will have to be made in the weeks ahead — possibly during the fall campaign. The Brownback administration could well wait until after election day to announce any additional trims given the news’ potential impact on voters..