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TheChat: Mike Pence backs Donald Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip style


Good morning.

▪ “Donald Trump just gets it ... And when Donald Trump does his talking, he doesn't go tip-toeing around those thousands of rules of political correctness ...” — GOP vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence speaking in Springfield.

The question remains: Is Donald Trump’s call-em-like-he-sees-em approach a liability or an asset in his fight against Hillary Clinton?

▪ “Chris Koster has never wavered from his Second Amendment beliefs.” — NRA PAC chairman Chris W. Cox on the group’s decision to back Democrat Chris Koster over Republican Eric Greitens in the race for Missouri governor.

Once again, Koster has snatched an endorsement from a group that often backs Republicans in what amounts to a significant defeat for Greitens.

▪ “Koster leaves a lot to be desired simply because he still has a lot of his Republican values.” — Missouri state Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis, a St. Louis Democrat, announcing that he will oppose Koster in November.

Curtis’ beef is that Koster is against an early childhood education initiative that Curtis supports. The lawmaker said that he’s been speaking with Greitens.

▪ “You just vote your conscience on bills and move on. Nine times out of ten you lose.” — Missouri state Rep. Tommie Pierson, a St. Louis County Democrat, on life as a Democrat in the state Capitol.

In the upcoming veto session, Pierson will vote to sustain Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes on both a key gun bill and a voter ID measure.