Man suspected of impersonating a police officer was actually a real officer

Kansas City police investigating a man impersonating a police officer said the man who encountered two teenage girls Monday near a Northland park was an on-duty officer.

The girls told police the man walked up to them about 9:30 a.m. in Anita B. Gorman Park at Northeast Vivion Road and North Holmes Street and asked if they had been smoking marijuana. He did not identify himself as an officer and wasn’t wearing a police name tag or any other official officer identification, police said Wednesday, but he was dressed like a law enforcement officer.

He showed the girls a spotting scope and said he had been watching them. He asked to look inside their purses, checked one girl’s pants pockets and asked if either of them had something in their bras. He took pictures of their identification cards with his cellphone and walked away.

On Wednesday, police said they reviewed the incident and determined that the man was an officer patrolling the park. Police said they plan to continue to look into the incident.

Glenn E. Rice: 816-234-4341, @GRicekcstar