Man found naked and bloody after stabbing is charged with murder

Clay County prosecutors on Thursday filed first-degree murder charges against a man who allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death in April in their Northland apartment.

Prosecutors previously had filed a tampering charge against Marcus J. Simms, 30, for allegedly stealing a bus driver’s minivan after the killing of Michele Boldridge, 31.

Authorities had been waiting for DNA test results before filing additional charges. Those tests linked Simms to the crime, according to court records. Prosecutors added charges of murder and armed criminal action. Simms has been in jail since April 30, the day of the killing.

According to court records, neighbors of Boldridge in the 7900 block of North Hickory Street heard an argument, thrashing and thumping from her apartment about 6:20 a.m. One neighbor heard a woman’s voice say, “Stop, stop stop!”

Neighbors later saw a naked, bloody man running around the apartment complex saying, “They’re trying to kill me!” Neighbors called 911.

Officers found blood on the door knob of apartment No. 6. After a maintenance man opened the door, officers found Boldridge’s body. She had sustained head wounds.

Meanwhile, the naked man apparently drove Boldridge’s car to a probation and parole parking lot, walked to a nearby school bus parking lot and approached a bus driver, according to court records. The driver told him to go away, the records state.

But the man said: “You don’t understand. Someone just killed my girlfriend!”

When he couldn’t enter the bus building, he stole another bus driver’s minivan using keys he found on the floorboard, court records allege. Police arrested Simms after he drove the van off the road near Missouri 152 and Interstate 435.

Prior to the killing, Simms had worked his overnight shift at the HyVee store on Barry Road, according to court records. He got a ride home from a co-worker, arriving home about 6 a.m.

The death of Boldridge stunned her friends and relatives.

Boldridge had dated Simms on and off since 2006, but relatives knew of no problems.

Relatives told The Star that Boldridge loved helping people, always wore a smile and wanted to become a nurse.

She graduated from Liberty High School in 2001 and had worked for more than 17 years as a dietary cook at a nursing home and rehabilitation facility.

In February, she left that job to accept a tax assistant job at the Internal Revenue Service with the goal of making more money to attend nursing school.

“It was one of her big moves that she made,” said her brother, Joseph Boldridge, 25.

Boldridge had three sisters and one brother. All of the sisters doted on Joseph, but none more than Michele Boldridge, he said.

When he was injured in a 2007 car wreck, she came to the hospital every day for a month to care for him. She carried him to the bathroom, made sure he had what he needed and tried to cheer him up.

Michele Boldridge also was a favorite aunt to her six nieces and one nephew. She always could match their energy level, said Katti Bailey, Joseph Boldridge’s fiancee.

“She was really bubbly and outgoing,” Bailey said. “She was just as hyper as the kids were.”

Boldridge liked to go dancing with her sisters. She could imitate moves on a dance video, step for step, after watching it a single time, Joseph said.

Joseph said he and Michele talked nearly every day. They last talked on April 28, two days before her death. She called after a bad storm had run through Odessa, where he lives.

“She was calling me to make sure everyone was all right,” he said, adding that he doesn’t know what the future will be like without her. “That’s something I’m going to have to work on.”

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