Wyandotte County murder conviction upheld by Kansas Supreme Court

The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld the second-degree murder conviction of Deborah Meeks for killing her boyfriend Wesley Smith in Wyandotte County in 2009.

Meeks did not deny killing Smith, but claimed to suffer from battered woman syndrome caused by what she called Smith’s abusive behavior. She testified that she took a gun to Smith’s house to scare him, not to kill him.

But the district court did not allow evidence about Smith’s reported abuse of Meeks because she did not claim self-defense during the trial.

She appealed. The state Supreme Court upheld the conviction in an opinion released Friday.

“Meeks did not assert a claim of self-defense,” the court said. “Accordingly, Meeks has no claim on appeal that she was denied the right to present evidence on that unasserted — and disclaimed — theory of defense.”

Meeks is serving a 13-year sentence for the crime.