Olathe residents plead guilty to selling $16 million worth of synthetic drugs

Two Olathe residents pleaded guilty Monday to producing and selling $16 million worth of synthetic drugs in less than two years.

Federal prosecutors in Kansas City, Kan., said that Tracy Picanso, 58, and Roy Ehrett, 56, each pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, producing and selling misbranded drugs, producing and selling counterfeit drugs and conspiracy to launder money.

According to an indictment unsealed earlier this year, they owned a business in Olathe that produced and sold substances that had effects similar to marijuana and stimulants.

The products were sold under names such as Pump It, Head Trip, Black Arts, Grave Digger, Voodoo Doll and Lights Out.

Their operation was active in several states, including Kansas, Missouri, California, Texas, Georgia and Colorado, prosecutors said.

Sentencing for Picanso and Ehrett is scheduled for April 13. Attorneys will recommend a prison sentence of seven to 15 years for each.

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