Overland Park man is accused of sexually assaulting two women at gunpoint in Kansas City

A 21-year-old Overland Park man has been arrested and charged in two recent sexual assaults of women in Kansas City, according to prosecutors.

In both cases, women reported that a man approached them on the street at night, held them at gunpoint and demanded sex acts. Jackson County prosecutors announced the charges Wednesday night against Damonte L. Likins-Osbey.

The first victim told Kansas City police that she encountered a man in the early morning hours of Aug. 29 as she left a diner and walked home, according to court records. The man drove up in a car and offered her a ride, persisting until she accepted and got in the car.

The man drove to Liberty Memorial and demanded oral sex. He told the victim that he had a gun. The woman ran away from the vehicle and hailed a cab. She described her attacker’s vehicle to police as a red or orange Suzuki SUV. She said the man might have recorded part of their encounter on a cellphone.

The woman had left her purse in the vehicle, and police later found surveillance video of a man using her debit card at a QuikTrip in Roeland Park and a Wal-Mart in Overland Park.

Nearly a month later, another woman told police that a man approached her car in Westport late at night on Sept. 22. The man asked for a ride to his car, which he said was nearby. He pulled a gun on the woman and demanded oral sex, then forced her to drive to a parking garage, where he raped her.

The attacker stole the woman’s money, left her vehicle and ran away toward Westport.

Kansas City police detectives investigating the case circulated a description of the assailant on Sept. 22, saying he had a bloody right eye. Three days later, officers working in Westport noticed Likins-Osbey’s bloody eye as he tried to enter a gated area at Westport and Broadway. On Sept. 28, the victims identified him from photo lineups as their attacker, prosecutors said.

Likins-Osbey faces several charges, including two counts of sodomy or attempted sodomy, rape or attempted rape, robbery and stealing. He was held at the Jackson County jail on Wednesday night.

Prosecutors requested that bond be set at $500,000.