Gladstone man charged in fatal wreck

Authorities have accused a 20-year-old Gladstone man for his role in a vehicle accident that killed another motorist.

Quantez D. Granger was charged July 13 with first-degree involuntary manslaughter in the death of William Rhoades, 53, of Kansas City in a Sept. 24 accident in the 7200 block of North Euclid Avenue in Gladstone. Granger was arraigned Wednesday in Clay County Circuit Court.

According to court records, Granger was traveling 102 mph moments before the crash. A witness told police Granger was traveling east on Northeast 72nd Street at 70 mph. The witness also said Granger was speeding and driving erratically, while weaving in the inside lane. Granger swerved in front of Rhoades’ vehicle just before the crash, according to the witness.

Granger and Rhoades were taken to a hospital. Granger was treated and released. Rhoades died from his injuries on Oct. 12.

Granger initially told investigators that he was traveling east on 72nd Street and tried to turn left but the steering wheel locked up and his vehicle was struck by another vehicle.

However, Granger changed his story and said he was southbound on North Euclid and tried to turn left onto Northeast 72nd Street. Investigators later took Granger to the crash site and he again insisted that he was southbound on North Euclid Avenue.

Investigators retrieved the black box from inside Granger’s vehicle. It revealed that Granger was driving 102 mph moments before the collision. Granger was driving 48 mph at the time of the accident. The posted speed limit on 72nd Street is 35 mph, according to court records.

Glenn E. Rice,