A size 18? ‘Much larger’ shoes led Kansas City police to find three pounds of heroin

File photo of an Amtrack train pulling into Kansas City’s Union Station.
File photo of an Amtrack train pulling into Kansas City’s Union Station. The Kansas City Star

It was the size of Willie Lewis Braison’s feet that caught the attention of DEA agents and Kansas City police.

He definitely didn’t wear size 18 shoes like the high top tennis shoes they found in his luggage at the Amtrak Station in Kansas City.

On taking a closer look, officers found packages of heroin, molded to look like the insoles in each oversized shoe he’d packed.

A total of nearly three pounds of heroin was recovered.

An additional five pounds of methamphetamine was found in Braison’s luggage.

He was arrested and is now charged in U.S. District Court in Kansas City with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Braison, 46, of Jonesboro, Ark., was arrested Thursday morning after getting off of the Amtrak train that had just arrived from Los Angeles.

Officers at the station stopped him and asked if they could look in his luggage, according to court documents.

The methamphetamine was found inside a cardboard box labeled as cookies.

The officers then saw the shoes.

“The size of the shoes were labeled as a size 18, which was a much larger size than what Braison was wearing,” a DEA agent noted in court documents.

The documents don’t say what size shoe he wears.

After his arrest, Braison told investigators that he had been paid $2,500 to take a suitcase from Los Angeles to St. Louis, the documents allege.

He said he didn’t know the name of the man or who he was supposed to deliver it to.