Former Platte Woods police officer captured on body camera stealing drugs: charges

A former part-time Platte Woods police officer has been accused of stealing painkillers that were turned in during a recent federal drug take-back program.

Evidence of the theft was captured on the former officer’s own body camera, according to Platte County prosecutors.

Prosecutors charged the former officer, 46-year-old Richard Robert Langely of Kansas City, North, with felony theft of a controlled substance.

Langley, who no longer works for the Platte Woods Police Department, was released after posting $5,000 bond.

Langley is accused of stealing 38 pills of Hydromorphone that were turned in during a Drug Enforcement Administration drug take-back program that took place in Lake Waukomis in October.

Detectives seized pills from Langley’s truck, according to court records.

Before he was charged, Langley allegedly requested that a portion of video from his body camera from Oct. 27 be deleted. A second officer reviewed the video.

According to court records, the Oct. 27 recording showed Langley pulling into the parking lot of the police station in Lake Waukomis, where the drug take-back program was held.

Langley was not authorized to be at the Lake Waukomis police station.

While Langley was inside the station, his body camera switched to audio only. It captured the rustling sound of plastic bags and the sound of pill bottles being shaken. A Velcro fastener could be heard opening and closing.

About 20 minutes later, Langley returned to his police car and drove to the Platte Woods police station. A surveillance camera positioned outside the police station showed Langley park behind his personal vehicle, a pickup truck.

His bulletproof vest cover pocket was full before Langley got into the pickup truck but was empty when he got out, according to court records.

Langley was captured on video at the Lake Waukomis police station a second time on Oct. 30.

While there, Langley allegedly took discarded bags of medication that were collected during the drug turn-in program. The video showed Langley opening and then sorting through several bags, according to prosecutors.

Another video showed Langley back at the Platte Woods police station, where he allegedly unloaded the pills into the center console of his pickup.

Detectives executing a search warrant found a bottle of discarded painkillers inside Langley’s pickup. The label had been removed from the bottle.

Langley is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 18.