Stolen in Kansas City: 10-foot-long inflatable model of human colon

Why would somebody steal a giant inflatable model of a human colon?

Officials at the University of Kansas Cancer Center don’t know.

They just want it back.

The inflatable colon, valued at $4,000, was taken from the bed of a pickup truck parked in the Brookside area of Kansas City.

The inflatable colon is owned by the Cancer Coalition and is used as an educational tool to teach people about colon cancer. It was in Kansas City for a walk/run event scheduled for Saturday in Swope Park.

“Colorectal cancer screening is the most powerful weapon we have against colorectal cancer,” John Ashcraft, DO, surgical oncologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center said in a press release Friday. “Colon cancer is a tough subject for many to talk about and the giant, 150-pound, ten-foot-long inflatable colon is a great conversation starter.”

The Cancer Coalition ships the item across the country for walkers and runners to see and learn about the progression of colon cancer in a unique way, according to the press release.

Anyone who finds it is asked to call Kansas City police.