Son of man behind Missouri’s ‘throwed rolls’ indicted for child sex trafficking

The son of a man who made “throwed rolls“ famous in Missouri has been indicted on several sex crimes, including two counts of trafficking a child.

Benjamin P. Lambert, 50, was indicted this month on charges he enticed two children to participate in a sex act for money, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Lambert was also accused of filming sexual content that involved two children, the newspaper said.

Lambert is the son of the late Norman Lambert, who began throwing rolls inside Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, Mo., four decades ago. The cafe became known as “The Home of the Throwed Rolls.” In the decades since, Lambert’s Cafe has opened locations in Ozark, Mo., and Foley, Ala.

Benjamin Lambert once had been involved in managing the Ozark location, which opened in the 1990s. Lambert’s Cafe issued a statement regarding the indictment on its Facebook page.

“We were surprised and saddened to hear the news and charges of Ben’s indictment. While Ben is the son of Norman Lambert, he has not been active in the management of the store in recent years,” the statement read. “This indictment is strictly related to Ben’s personal life, but, if asked, we will cooperate with authorities.

“Lambert’s would never condone behavior of this nature. Lambert’s Cafe will continue to be a destination for family entertainment.”

According to the News-Leader, Lambert was arrested by New Madrid police on Thursday. It isn’t clear if he’s currently in custody.

Documents obtained by the newspaper say the alleged sex crimes took place between April and August of 2015.