Pregnant Olathe woman was fatally shot; boyfriend who called 911 faces murder charge

A pregnant woman killed along with her unborn child in Olathe earlier this year died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to testimony Monday in Johnson County District Court.

A boyfriend of Ashley Harlan, accused in the January shooting and now facing a possible death penalty case, is the one who called police.

Those details were revealed in court Monday as a preliminary hearing began for Devonte Wash, 26, of Kansas City, Kan.

Charged with capital murder, Wash faces a potential death sentence if convicted. He is accused of killing Ashley Harlan, 23, inside a relative’s townhouse that she had recently moved into in the 1200 block of East Westerfield Place.

Wash was the one who called 911 on Jan. 30 to report finding her dead, according to testimony.

He told police that he had last spoken to Harlan the night before.

On the 30th, Wash said he had been at work and tried to call and text Harlan multiple times during the day. After work, he picked up his daughter and drove to Harlan’s house, he said.

Wash told police that the front door was closed but not locked.

After finding Harlan’s body, Wash said, he saw the blinds in front of a back sliding door moving and said the door was slightly ajar, according to testimony.

The first Olathe police officers on the scene said they did not find any signs of forced entry.

Wash cooperated with police, giving a lengthy interview to detectives. He allowed them to search his phone and car and take DNA samples from him, officers testified.

As possible suspects, Wash gave police the names of two other men with whom Harlan had had relationships.

One of those men also lived in Olathe, and Harlan was afraid of him, Wash told police.

The other man mentioned by Wash had been involved romantically with Harlan. In the past, Wash had argued with Harlan about her relationship with him, according to testimony.

Wash also told police that he had scolded Harlan previously for her habit of leaving doors unlocked or telling people she didn’t know that she was going to be home alone.

As prosecutors began laying out evidence Monday, they noted that Wash had failed to tell police several things, including that he was seeing another woman besides Harlan.

Wash also did not mention leaving work early on the day Harlan’s body was found, according to testimony.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled to continue Tuesday in front of District Judge Charles Droege, who will decide if there is sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to trial.

The charge carries a potential death sentence. Prosecutors do not have to declare if they plan to seek the death penalty for Wash until after the preliminary hearing.

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