Man pleads guilty to skimming personal banking information from KC-area ATMs

The Associated Press

A Romanian man in the United States illegally pleaded guilty Thursday to placing skimming devices on Kansas City-area ATMs.

The devices are used to illegally obtain PINs and debit card numbers from people who use the machines.

David Velcu was arrested in April after police discovered the devices on ATMs at QuikTrips in Olathe and Riverside.

On Thursday, Velcu, 23, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Kansas City to possession of counterfeit or unauthorized access devices.

He was arrested after an Olathe police detective tracked him to a motel in Independence.

At the time of his arrest, federal prosecutors said investigators recovered 15 unauthorized access devices, and 78 “re-encoded” magnetic strip gift cards.

After illegally obtaining the numbers, criminals transfer them onto gift cards and use them to make purchases at retail outlets.

Authorities said Velcu is from Romania and had entered the United States from Mexico last year.