Woman said 'God was speaking to her' in drug-induced fatal Blue Springs shooting

A 29-year-old woman told police she was "tripping on acid" and "God was speaking to her" when she allegedly fatally shot a man inside of a Blue Springs apartment early Friday.

Tiffany Phommarath of Blue Springs was charged Friday with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the killing of Jordan S. Schiager, 27. The shooting happened early Friday inside an apartment at the Burr Oaks Apartments in the 3400 block of Northwest Duncan Road.

Arriving officers found Schiager in the master bedroom covered with a blanket. Phommarath was arrested without incident. The bond was set at $250,000. No court date has been set.

According to court records, Phommarath told investigators that she was tripping on acid and kept hearing voices telling her over and over to shoot Schiager and that it was "God's way."

Phommarath said she and Schiager had been on a several day "cocaine and alcohol" binge that began on Tuesday. During that time, Phommarath said the two had sex and the binge caused her to miss work and lose her job.

The binge continued into Thursday when Schiager mentioned wanting to kill himself and showed Phommarath his guns. After that, Phommarath said the LSD-laced gummy bears she consumed "kicked in," she began seeing colors and said she "felt she was one with Schiager and that God was speaking to her," according to court documents.

Prosecutors allege Phommarath told investigators she grabbed a handgun and shot Schiager several times in the head. Phommarath then covered the victim's body with a blanket. She then began to throw a fan, guns and other items at Schiager to "get the colors to stop," court records stated.

Phommarath said she later fell asleep. When she awakened, Phommarath said she called her sister and told her what happened before driving to the police station and calling 911.

While searching the apartment, police found Schiager sprawled in the master bedroom and covered with a blanket. Officers also found several items on top of him. A Ruger 9mm handgun was found on a pillow next to Schiager's head.

Crime scene investigators recovered spent shell casings and bullets at the scene. They also found drugs in the living room, according to court records.