Mushroom hunters discover human remains in rural Harrisonville

Human remains have been discovered in a wooded area in rural Harrisonville, according to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call Friday in the area of South Mopac Road between East 235th and 239th streets after mushroom hunters discovered the remains.

The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the remains were human Friday night, but has not yet determined the sex, race, age or approximate date of the victim’s death at this time.

Capt. Kevin Tieman of the sheriff's office said that medical examiners will perform an autopsy this weekend.

The sheriff’s office had about 40 deputies and recruits searching the area for additional evidence and had closed off that portion of South Mopac Road for hours. The road was reopened by late Saturday afternoon.

Sheriff Jeff Weber said that deputies were unable to complete their investigation Friday because it was too dark.

Harrisonville human remains
The Cass County Sheriff’s Office had deputies and recruits searching the area near South Mopac Road for additional evidence and bones Saturday, April 28, 2018. Tammy Ljungblad The Kansas City Star

"We spent some time here last night, held the scene all night. And we’re back out here today searching for additional evidence," he said.

Tieman called it a "hand and knee, shoulder to shoulder" search through the wooded area.

An employee from the medical examiner's office found an unidentified bone during Saturday's search. Weber said that if there is reason to believe the bone is human it will be brought back to the medical examiner's office for analysis.

Tieman said that there are a lot of animal bones in the area being searched, but that part of the investigative process is collecting and testing these bones in case there are additional human remains.

This is not the first time that mushroom hunters have found remains in wooded areas in Cass County. Last year, it happened twice in one month.

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