Wyandotte County sheriff vehicle catches fire after chase in KCK

A Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office vehicle caught fire at the end of a midday chase Tuesday in the area of 32nd Street and Orville Avenue in Kansas City, Kan.

The chase involved a white pickup truck that had been reported stolen. The chase ended on a narrow, hilly street when the truck hit a wall in front of a house. The sheriff’s department vehicle was not involved in the collision. It was not clear why it caught on fire.

“The truck crashed, the deputy got out on foot and looked backed and saw his car was on fire,” Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. David Thaxton said. The car may have suffered a mechanical or electrical malfunction, he said.

Four people were in the pickup truck — three men and one woman — and all four were quickly taken into custody.

Witnesses saw two men in the front seat of the truck leap out and flee. A man and a woman in the back seat were arrested immediately on the scene as a flood of law enforcement vehicles arrived at the scene. No injuries were reported.

“I saw this truck coming up the street and then heard all the sirens,” said Jawanna Manning. “He (the driver of the truck) was going so hard.”

The short chase began around 7th Street and Parallel Parkway at around 12:20 p.m. and ended just three blocks from Frances Willard Elementary School on Orville Avenue. Had it happened around 3:30 p.m., there may have been children walking along the street, said Elizabeth Haywood.

“I was parked at the school and I heard the sirens going, going, going,” Haywood said. “I heard the crash. If it had been 3:30 it would not have been good. You would’ve seen kids down this street.”