KC bridge jumper charged with abandoning son’s body after his bathtub drowning

Aushena Warren is charged with abandoning her son Audrick’s body.
Aushena Warren is charged with abandoning her son Audrick’s body.

A 29-year-old Kansas City, North, woman who survived a jump from the Bond Bridge on the same day her son was found dead inside a Northland apartment was charged Friday with abandoning the boy’s body.

Aushena Warren sustained injuries that were not life-threatening on the morning of June 13 after firefighters pulled her from the Missouri River. Hours later, authorities found her 8-year-old son, Audrick Warren, lying unresponsive in a bathtub full of water at the residence in the 5800 block of North London Avenue.

An autopsy report concluded that Audrick had a bruise on the top of his skull and that he died from drowning. Prosecutors said Warren did not call 911, try to contact authorities or seek medical help after Audrick apparently drowned.

A witness told investigators that he had heard “a head bump” three times, making a sound that he likened to a basketball bouncing off a person’s head.

Bond was set at $25,000, cash only.

According to court records:

A witness told investigators he left Warren’s apartment to go to work about 7:30 a.m. on the day of the incident. When he left, Audrick and the 8-year-old’s brother were asleep in their bedroom. Warren was the only other person in the residence at the time.

The man said he received a FaceTime call from one of the boys, who said Warren was not home. The witness told the boy to stay in his room and the witness would be home shortly.

The witness arrived home and found Audrick wearing underwear and Spider-Man socks lying in the bathtub filled with water. He pulled Audrick out of the tub, placed him on the floor and called 911.

The man said he found a note, apparently written by Warren, that reportedly said financial pressures the family was under were her fault and she did not think they made enough money. She feared authorities would remove the children and place them up for adoption, due to the family’s financial situation.

Authorities learned Warren had jumped from the Bond Bridge in an apparent suicide attempt. Prior to learning about Audrick’s death, investigators asked Warren why she jumped.

Warren allegedly told detectives she suffers from bipolar disorder and had not been taking her medication. She began to cry when detectives asked her who was watching the boys.

Audrick’s brother reportedly told investigators they were home with Warren and the two were given “pink” medicine that morning. The boy said he heard Warren running water in the bathtub for a long time. When he went into the bathroom, he saw Audrick lying “asleep” in the bathtub full of water, with a “red face and purple hands.”

The boy said Warren looked sad before she left the residence. Warren left her cellphone at the apartment and did not tell the boy she was leaving. The child used Warren’s cellphone to call the witness.

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