KC man is accused of trying to rob 7-Eleven pretending his finger was a gun

Montea L. Theus
Montea L. Theus Kansas City Police Department

Prosecutors allege that a Kansas City man passed a note to a 7-Eleven clerk during an robbery attempt that read: “Give me the money or catch a bullet.”

In reality, the accused hold-up man, Montea L. Theus, 26, didn’t have a handgun but used his finger jammed inside of coat pocket, pretending that he was armed, according to court records.

The clerk refused to comply, and Theus only managed to get away with three $20 lottery tickets.

On Tuesday, Theus was charged in Jackson County Circuit Court with first-degree robbery for the incident that unfolded May 14 at the convenience store in the 300 block of 63rd Street in Brookside.

Prosecutors have requested a $75,000 bond.

According to court records, the clerk told arriving police officers after buying a pack of chewing gum, Theus appeared to walk out of the store. Instead, he turned around and placed a note on the counter. The clerk read the note and told Theus that he was not going to open the cash register.

Theus had his hand in his pocket and appeared to have a gun by pointing the pocket toward the clerk. Theus then reached over the counter and snatched three lottery tickets then raced out of the store in an unknown direction.

Theus was arrested about 10 days later. During an interview on Friday, Theus told investigators that he tried to rob the store because he needed the money, according the court records.

According to court records, he also admitted to placing his right hand in his coat pocket in an effort to make the clerk believe that he was armed with a handgun. Theus said he grabbed whatever he could when the clerk refused to open the cash register. He also said the clerk tried to cut him.

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