Virtual food drive raises $247,000 for Harvesters’ BackSnack program

Children in the Center School District recently made colorful notes and pictures to express their feelings about the BackSnack packs of food they receive on Fridays to take home for the weekend.
Children in the Center School District recently made colorful notes and pictures to express their feelings about the BackSnack packs of food they receive on Fridays to take home for the weekend. The Kansas City Star

Hundreds of Star readers donated last month to a virtual food drive for Harvesters’ BackSnack program.

The final number for 2014: $247,444, for a five-year total of $1,075,246.

Many of the gifts were dedicated in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Most of those dedications appeared in the Christmas Day edition of The Star. The list below includes dedications made after the print publication deadline.

All money donated in the drive will go to the food bank’s BackSnack program, which provides low-income children with packs of food each Friday to tide them over until they return to school Monday.

Here are the dedications, as provided by Harvesters:

Donations in honor of

Abby, Eliza and Ella (Mimi and Pops)

Erik Abels (Richard and Cindy Abels)

Phillip Achey (Mom and Dad)

Amy and Jim Acri (Irene Bettinger)

Emily, Madeline and Carolyn Acri (Irene Bettinger)

All Children (Shirley Vaughn)

All Children (Donna Porter)

Carson Allen (Shawnee)

AMC Theatres Payroll Team (Anonymous)

Shirley Anderson (Kellie Conrady)

Andrew Appel and Clara Keller (Deedee King)

Alison Appel and Jonathan Cosin (Deedee King)

Kyan and Madison Arrandale (Jennifer Derbish and John Arrandale)

Cathy Austin (Pam Foerster)

Kaitlyn and Lauren Bailey (Grandma and Tom)

Alison Banikowski (Anonymous)

Jane Barboza (Pam Foerster)

Sarah and Shawn Barclay (Dave, Barb, Lauren, Grant and Alison Robinson)

Tess Barger (Mimi and Papa)

Harold and Margaret Bastin (Jay and Cara Terrell)

Gayle Bauer (Serge Staggs)

Laura Bauer (Your Star colleagues)

Anna, Patrick and Danny Bauman (Mom and Dad)

Barbara Beadle

Ali Beall (Nanny and PaPa)

Jonah, Wyatt, Ainsley, Leo and Ember Beard (Mary and Don Beard)

Our Moms, Doris Belcher and Della Alm (Gene and Kathy)

Jean Bennett (Susan and Turner White)

Bennett and Connor (Carol and Charles Scott)

Larry Benson (Your loving wife)

Jean and Bob Berka (Blair, Jean, and kids)

Libby Berkebile (Marti McLarney)

Sister Berta Sailer (Jim Heeter)

Suzy Bettinger (Irene Bettinger)

Hannah and Jack Bettis (Granddad and Nana)

Dave and Doris Bettis (Andrew, Lori, Hannah and Jack Bettis)

Gil and Marty Bickel (Susan Desmond)

Brian C. Biggs and Family (Karen L. Biggs)

Steve and Victoria Bindseil (Denis and Cindy)

Katelyn and Reilly Bingesser (Sally Roberts)

Macie and Linc Boerigter (Papa Bob and Nana Mary)

Norm Bowers (Delaney Kirk)

Mary Boylson (Kansas City)

Priscilla Boyns (Rose Marie Frank)

Masyn and Presli Brackett (G.G. and Grandpa)

Brandon, Gracie, Cameron and Jayne (Grandma Donna and Grandpa Bruce)

Michelle and Gary Breashears (Mom)

The students of Broken Arrow Elementary (The Masters family)

Caitlyn, Chloe, JT, Dutton and Delaney Brookfield (Cynde Brookfield)

Robert Brumet (Brenda and David Weston)

BTS Investment Club (Merikay Lott)

Don and Lynn Buckholz (Lori)

Our children Michael Bunn, Julie and Russ Pine, and grandchildren Henry and Emmett Pine

Kimberly and Kevin Bunting (Norine and Donald Accurso)

Colton and Caleb Bunting (Nana and Granddad)

Burkhardt-Gaber-Kindt-Parrish Family (Bruce, Dad and Grandpa)

Luke Steven Burnos (Bob and Cindi Burnos)

Reston Micah Burnos (Bob and Cindi Burnos)

Raleigh Burnos / Jonas (Bob and Cindi Burnos)

Dorothy L. Campbell (The Campbell Family)

Donna Campobasso (Frank Campobasso)

Rosemary Carpenter (Nancy and James Allen)

Larry and Janice Carson (Cliff, Kim, Nicole and Ashley Harrison)

Cathy and Pat (Norene and Paul)

Marcel (Froggy) Cellier (Cindy Cellier Tobin)

Center School District students (The Wachel Family)

Kate and Sam Chapman (G.G. and Grandpa)

Children who are hungry (Pat and Carol Bartko)

Delaney and Drew Clawson (Mom and Dad)

Cole, Caralyn and Adara Mowry (Papa and Granma)

Cole, Beau, Grace, Allie, Andrew, Will, and Millie (Anonymous)

Tom and Melinda Cook (Pam Foerster)

John and Sharon Cox, Louis and Mary Cox, Bob and Mary Cox (Orpha Cox)

Keith and Carolyn Craig (Dave, Barb, Lauren, Grant and Alison Robinson)

Theodora Cummings (Grandma and Grandpa Cummings)

Alex Daube (Steve and Linda Block)

Jake and Cate Degnan (Poppy and Bama)

Alex, Anna Andrew Demetree (Demetree Family)

Will and Kimberly Demings (Richard and Cindy Abels)

Kelsey, Delaney and Luke Dennis (Robert and Sandra Dennis)

Robert and Sandra Dennis (Eric, Luke, and Lindsay Dennis)

Marla Dercher (Katherine Riedel)

Marilyn and Jack Dillon (Kim and Jeff Derusseau)

Charlie and Francie DiMartino (Maddi and Cassie)

Linda and Tim Dotson (Norine and Donald Accurso)

Emerson, Grayson, Jackson, Addison Drees (Grandmy Sally)

Eden, Adeline, Beck, Margaret, and Ella (Janette Behner)

Jeff Elsea (Platte County EDC)

Marcia Enfranca (John Bennetts)

Jeffrey and Timothy Etter (Granny)

Alice Ewoldt (Matt and Niki and Ken and Amber)

Linda Ewoldt (Matt and Niki and Ken and Amber)

Experient Clients (Teresa Hellman)

Family and Friends (Sondra and David Branham)

Emily Fannin (Michael Fannin)

Lyle and Ruth Feld (Kathleen, Jeff and Haydn)

Jim and Zibbie Ferrell (Your grateful Ferrellgas family)

Hope Fitzgerald (Lora Fitzgerald)

My Loving Husband Reed Fletcher (Jeffrey Levine)

Food Drive Team at Harvesters (Anonymous)

Matt and Shannon Fowler (Mom and Dad Fowler)

Lori Bettinger and Jeff Francer (Irene Bettinger)

Chester P. Francis (Barbara Salvaggio)

Jean Francisco (Marci)

Katherine Augusta Friedebach (Betty Friedebach)

Friends and Family (The Drehers)

Tandy Gabbert (Mary Calvert)

Elijah Gaines

Janet and Jerrod Garcia (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Connor and Leah Geary (Nana and Papa)

Mikey Gedulding (Mom and Dad)

Robert Gerlach (Mary Brimhall)

Downing and Dora Glascock (Wanda)

Taylor and Jackson Glenn (Mom and Dad)

Our Dinner Group: Gold, Lampo-Welsch, Litras (Terri and Gary Merrill)

The Good People of Kansas City (Brenda Cooper)

Madison Graff (Poppy and Bama)

Olivia, Jonah, Keeley Gralapp (Sally Roberts)

Grandchildren (Grandad and Grandma)

Rita Grant (Cynthia Grant)

Melissa Greene (Pam Foerster)

Shirley and Lloyd Grigsby (Tim and Rene Burrow)

Merlyn Grubb (Jeff and Lori Grubb)

Ben and Sam Guinn (Mom)

Al and Dot Hager (Jim, Elaine, Nikki and Jenna)

Reser and Lizzy Hall (Granny)

Beth and Trey Hanna (Janet Hanna)

Todd Hanna and Moira Rowley (Janet Hanna)

Jennie Hanna and Phil Stephens (Janet Hanna)

Millie Harris (Steven Harris)

Brian, Brad and Mike Harrison (Anne and Tim Harrison)

Pamela and Cliff Harrison (Cliff, Kim, Nicole and Ashley Harrison)

John E. Harter (DiAnne Harter)

Paul Hartsock (Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hunter)

Matt, Stephanie, Samuel and Kate Hashagen (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Grandma Hattie (Oliver and Patricia Shupe)

Mary and Frank Hendricks (Deedee King)

Jane Herman (Cathy Lynch)

Isabel Herrera and Lucia Herrera (Bill and Jean Burlingame)

Paul Herzmark (Thom and Ann Norbury)

Lexi, Addison, and Bristol Hill (Gramma)

Nancy Hill (Shirley and John)

Jerry Hirt (with love, Laura)

Iris Hoffman (Mitch and Mary Jane)

Genevieve and Ava Holmes (Grandma Roz)

Kevin and Dianne Honomichl (Pam Foerster)

Henry Hord (Grandpa Doug)

Rebecca Horvat (Bernadette Horvat)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hovey (The Matt Kerr Family)

Kathy Howland (Chick)

John Huff (Jim and Mary Stephens)

Leslie Huffhines (Mark Huffhines)

Kim Iorns (Bruce Swerdfeger)

Olivia Irvine (Papa and Sally)

Dana Bettinger and John Jacobs (Irene Bettinger)

Jacob, Jesse and Paige (Kevin Varnon)

Teresa James (Jeannene and Steve)

Byron and Robbie Johnson (Stephanie and Kurt Holthaus)

Emily and Jessica Johnson (Jan)

Mark and Deborah Johnson (Pam Foerster)

Coltin, Brooks and Hadley Johnson (Gigi and Poppi)

Topper, Linda, Johnny, Jason, Heather, Thatcher and Landrum Johntz and Katie Swink (Linda

Barbara Joiner (Ken and Nancy Beckmann)

Madelyn, Laira, and Lexie Jones (GPa)

Steve Jones (The Glimpses)

Helen Juelsgaard (Ann and Don Corley)

The Kansas City Star Staff (Miriam Pepper)

Kansas City spirit (Dennis and Lisa Eckold)

Barbara Kaufman (Your Westover Family)

KC children (Ed and Susan Robb)

Allen and Amy King (Deedee King)

Catherine and Dean Kinsley (Betty Straud)

Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Knott (Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gibson)

Krakow Grandchildren (Bubbe)

Our children and grandchildren Krasner (Betty and Rick Klein)

Maddie Kroll (Love, Mom)

Katie, Drew, Jaime, and Meredith Latenser (Jim and Mona)

Ralph and Pat Latshaw (Pam Foerster)

Everett and Rose Marie Lawrence (Caitlin Roller)

Gloria Lefton (Her daughters)

Julia Lindquist (Mike and Vicki Bray)

Carey and Pat Linson (Maggie and Mike)

Betsy and Emmett Lowe (Nonni and Pop)

Jack, Carson, Ben, Makenna, Carleigh, and Connor MacGee (KK)

Sheryl Maguire (Katherine Riedel)

Christabel Maring (Kevin Maring)

Mark, Diana, Lorin and Cristee (Paul Dalen)

Kathryn Marshall (Dale and Deanne Flanagan)

Herb Martin (K. Spies and family)

Drew, Angela, Avery, Aleah, Aiden Mathews (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Shannon McDonough (Mom)

Men and Women in Uniform (Carl and Inge Coad)

Ashley Mercurio (Richard and Cindy Abels)

Rory Meredith (G.G. and Grandpa)

The Middleton Family (Becky and Dan)

Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership (David Renz)

John and Lou Ann Millard (Clay and Barb Shropshire)

Emma Lee Miller (Suzie and Dick Stiles)

Melissa Miller (Lori Garrison)

Phil and Lu Mitchell (Laurie and Rob)

Patrick Mitchell (Julie Whitley)

Henry Mitchell (Grandpa and Grandma Mitchell)

Owen Mitchell (Grandpa and Grandma Mitchell)

Cathy Murphy (Briana)

My grandsons (Barbara Stillman)

My well-fed grandchildren (Joan)

Heidi and Nelson Nast (Reed Fletcher and Jeffrey Levine)

Avery, Zach and Henry Nickerson (Mom and Dad)

Lisa Ninci-Denny (Michael and Karen Tierney)

Kristi Noack (Tom and Jo-Ann Caporizzo)

Noah’s Ark Day School (The Jasa Family)

Jeannine Noblet (Carrie, Michael and Ada Robinson)

Rosie and Babe Oades (David and Jeanne Hokanson)

Molly and Benjamin Oberstein-Allen (Mom and Dad)

Ellen and Sean O’Brien (Paul Gignac and Haley O’Brien)

Jimmy Olson (Anonymous)

Judy Olson (Marti McLarney)

Our 4 Grandchildren (Paul and Winnie Olson)

Our grandchildren Ryan, Matt and Grace (Karol and Wayne Katz)

Our Grandchildren (Marlene and Mike Fishman)

Our grandchildren (Diane and Art Federman)

Our grandchildren, Anita, Arjun and Simran (Pyare and Priti Mohan)

Our healthy grandchildren (Del and Janice Hennings)

Cheryl and Gene Pace (Betty Straud)

Carrie Sue Palmer (Deanna)

Thomas Paul (Dave and Mi-Ai Parrish)

Sharon Payne (Judy Hansen)

Sharon Payne (Ron Hoffman)

Serenity Pederson (Nana and Papa)

Dick and Maureen Pedrotti (Anonymous)

Joy and Jim Perry (Sharkey Family)

Noah and Cora Pessin (Memaw and Papa)

Kathryn and Joyce Pfister (Robert H. Pfister)

Johnny and Terry Pickett (Emma Hall)

Diane Pirtle (Susan, Jim and Cameron Probst)

Prince, Whitaker, Scherrer, Thornton, and Lemus Grandchildren (Granny and Papa Ray)

Sharma Prosser (Gary and Monica Gaddis)

Mackenzie and Makayla Ramirez (Grandpa and Grandma)

Bill and Suzanne Raney (Deedee King)

Michael Reiff (Katherine Riedel)

James Repass (Sandra Repass)

Lora Rhodus (Pops and Trish)

Bette Rhule (Vicki Johnson)

Brooklyn and Cameron Roberson (Grandma Rita)

Steve and Ann Roberston (Pam Foerster)

Rachel, Lauren and Reagan Roberts (Granddad and Nana)

Linda and Roy Roberts (Andrew, Lori, Hannah, and Jack Bettis)

Dwight and Charlotte Robinson (Dave, Barb, Lauren, Grant and Alison Robinson)

Lauren, Grant and Alison Robinson (Mom and Dad)

Barb, Dave, Lauren, Grant and Alison Robinson (Carolyn and Keith Craig)

Rockhurst High School (Chip Manson and Jane Parsons)

Kyle and Corinne Rogers (Mom and Dad)

Marian Rosecrans (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Rosine (Judy and Dennis)

David and Connie Ross (Maggie Ross)

JP Rowland (Tedi Rowland)

Landon Rowland (Myrtia and Michael Mardikes)

Sharon Sanders (Brad, Melissa, Sam and Olivia)

John and Gail Schebler (Matt and Niki and Ken and Amber)

Grandchildren Schempp (Grandparents)

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schmidt (Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gibson)

Paul Schmucker (Rich and Carol)

Vicki Schneider (Anonymous)

Skip and Gay Scholz (Pam Foerster)

Sharon K. Shuetz (Sherri Israel)

Cindy Scircle (Pat Moulden)

Gathen and Anna Shaner and Emrey Hilgers (Papa and Grammy)

David and Mary Silverstein (Delores and Ralph Astrella)

Frances Sims (Emma Hall)

Max and Hazel Smaha (Jane Kleindl)

Brooklyn Smart and Karl Vanhatten (Betty Millhouse)

Ira Smith Jr. (Terry, Danny, Charles, and Brian)

Tony and Sonya Smith (The Onnen Family)

Katherine Smythe (Suzanne Woodward)

The Sommerfeld Grandkids (Carolyn and Dean Sommerfeld)

Kate Sontag (Pam Foerster)

Jake, Luke and Kyle Souders (Mom and Dad)

A Special Child for BackSnack (Park Hill Baptist Encouragers Sunday School Class)

Rose Stanley (Keith Stanley)

Robert Steinbrueck (Your Family)

Sue Stoddard (Jenny Reck)

Constance Strand and Don Skinner (Betty Straud)

Keana, Brandon and Mark Tally (Joyce Lattimer)

Luraine Tansey (Michael Tansey)

Teachers at Indian Woods Middle School (The Flores Family)

Brad Tennant (Katherine Riedel)

Liz, Mike, and Will Terry (Mom and Dad Fowler)

Tyler and Samantha Thalblum (Yia Yia and Papa)

Darrell Theobald (Molly Theobald)

Golda L. Trower (Sara L. Trower)

Upper Room Students (Mary McLiney)

Jake Urness (Michele Wills)

Marie Urness (Michele Wills)

Finn and Jude VanderVegte (Wendy Hodgden)

Grandma and Grandpa Joe Vandever (Shantea, Mark, Raina and Grant)

Laura VanLeeuwen (Katherine Riedel)

Susan Vermes (Ann Robertson)

Robert Viets (Connie Cowley)

Dr. Brad Vince and Family (Ron and Linda Johnson)

Beverly Virgo (John and Sally Virgo)

Joanna Vitiello (Megan Moore)

Iris Voell (Jane and John Lee)

Ellie and Jane Vukas (Howard and Sherri Kalender)

Betsy Wakeley (Pat Moulden)

Leah and Jack Walberg (John and Anita Ross)

Ron Walker (Katherine Riedel)

Jack and Jan Walkup (Jim and Gini)

James V. Watson Jr. (Watson Family)

Mr. and Mrs. John Webb (Karla and Jerry)

George S. Weikart (Laura and David Mountjoy)

Sutton, Reardon, and Raeglan Welch (Grandpa and Oma)

Westridge Elementary (Brian and Michelle Smith)

Kim and Scott Wheeler (Norine and Donald Accurso)

Betty Davison Williams (Don Davison)

Mariam Williams (Her family)

Jeffrey Thomas Williams (John, Catherine and Rayna Healy)

Joshua Wood (Kansas City)

Trevor Wright (Purd and Margaret Wright)

Chris Wristen (The Wakemans)

Dave and Shirley Wurth (The Haverty Family)

Theresa Wurtz (Susan Wurtz)

Lori Yockers and Conan Hall (Emma Hall)

Ty and Cam Zimmerman (Nonnie)

Donations in memory of

Esther Aaronson (Lauren Aaronson and Philip Meltzer)

James Addison (Gladys, Steve, Jackie)

Natividad Aguilar (Anonymous)

Daniel M. Alford (Your Son)

Omar “Bud” Alkire (Steven and Mary Kate Alkire)

All Veterans (Raytown Memorial VFW and Auxiliary Post 4242)

Ralph Allen (Becky and Steve Rimmer)

Kenneth Apperson (Jeff and Deanna Burns)

Philip C Barbour (Anne Barbour)

Curt and Norma Banks (Joanne and Bob Coffeen)

Kyle C. Barker (Deba and Gerald Barker)

Evelyn Bartlow (Charlie and Paulette)

Cleo and Irene Beery (Pat Cooper)

Jane Beeson (Joan Priolo)

James R. Bell (James H. Bell)

Laura Beller (Mom)

Bill Beyer (Terry and Pat O’Connell)

Cathy Bindseil (The Bindseil Family)

Dean and Myrth Blickenstaff (your sons)

Janice Block (Steven J Block Family)

Ben Bond (The Bond Family)

Dixie Boos (Terry Rinehart-June)

Henry Bourquin (The Mora Family)

Lisa Bradshaw (Marilyn Frederick’s Daughter)

Marie Brady (Mary Brady)

Ralph and Donna Mae Brockman (Kathy)

Gary Bromley (The Bromley Family)

Edward Brooks (Betty)

Robert and Margaret Brown (The Batson Family)

Tom and Muriel Brown (Ruth Brown Evans)

George and Millye Bryde (Their Children)

Helen Buchanan (Corliss and Joe Jacobs)

Lydia Budelovich (Michele Souder)

Jacqueline Budgetts (Victoria Budgetts)

Harry Burnett (Scott, Rhonda, Sam, Jake and Anna Burnett)

Gladys Busby (Wray Busby)

Leanne Calhoon (Stephanie Leven)

Christopher Camarena (Sara and Anna Schumacher)

Isabelle Cameron (Retha Lindsey)

Sabrina Nicole Campbell (Kevin and Petra Campbell)

Hazel and Bob Carter (Bob and Joanne Coffeen)

Genevieve Cavato (Timothy Roberts)

Betty Jo Charlton (Bruce and Marilyn)

Shane Chester (Dean Chester)

Addison Paige Clabaugh (John and Sandy Clabaugh)

Guyla and Harold Classick (Tom, Teri, Jennie and Maddie)

Allen Coleman (Mary Coleman)

Thomas Colgan (Amanda Colgan)

Sena Colling (Her Loving Family)

Bill Coon (Tracy and John Nohe)

Gloria Cooper (Your Godchild)

Norma Jean Copeland (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stickney)

Mary Costello (John and Barb Loehr)

Edward Cowell (his girls/wife - Candice, Carole, Barbara, Jerry)

Donna Abrams Crandall (Suzanne Crandall)

David Crites (Mr. & Mrs. James Crites)

Bob Crouch (Rita and John Mills)

Andy Curran (Dad and Mom)

Madeline Dallmeyer (Cyrus and Bentley)

Fred Damon (Tim and Chris Pattavina)

Lois Dauck (Dr. and Mrs. William Seifert)

Athelia Davis (David)

Tom DeFeo (your daughter Marian)

Arthur Doyle (Connie and Steve Loveless)

Drager The Labrador of Love (His family)

David Nelson Duke (His son)

Felicianao and Leonor Duron (Henry Duron)

Le Anne Eckhardt (Robert Eckhardt)

Donna Edelbrock (Beverly Peister)

Richard D. Edwards (Janet Edwards)

Troy Eichler (William and Virginia Eichler)

Dorothy Ephinger (Saundra Thompson)

Frances Erdwien (Ken and Ginny Jones)

Family Members (Bill and Joan Flamm)

Maggie Finney (Sam and Sandy Ramsdale)

Laverne Fitzmaurice (Marion Lynn)

Eddie Garcia (your family)

Helen Gautreaux (Bill and Christy Gautreaux)

Gordon and Patty Gengelbach (Grant, Cassie, Brielle, and Carson)

John and Bertha Gerling (Chris and Carol Jones)

Rachel Gilliam (her family)

Millie Gillispie (Cid Gillispie)

Maguire Gilner (Grandma W.)

Edward and Genevieve Gosoroski (David Gosoroski)

Pierre Gramlich (Your Daughter)

Mary Gravina (JD and Grace)

Echo Gray (Mom and Dad)

Lee Greenberg (Karen Blackmar)

Estelle Grimes-Beattie (Janet Edwards)

Brian Gudde (Shannon Simmermon)

John Hales (Yvonne)

Virgina Hall (Tom and Mary Klotz)

Edgar Hall Sr. (Robert Kidder)

Orville Hamilton (Shirley)

Henry and Toby Hammes (Jill Hammes)

Bret Hammig (Mom and Dad)

Edith Hanke (Katie and Marque)

Ryan Harris (Mary, Jenni and Matt Dold)

Nella Hartley (Sherri Israel)

Vernice Haug (Connie and Larry Haug)

Anne Heins (Barry and Nancy Schneider)

Nicholas Paul Helling (Linda Helling)

Johan Hickernell (Mary and John Hickernell)

Joseph Hickernell (Mary and John Hickernell)

Joe and Eilleen Hildreth (Pat Dold)

Harold & Lorna Hilgardner (Nadine Eisenbarth)

Don and Donna Hilger (Dennis Hilger)

Cliff and Ruth Hill (Joan and Fred Hill)

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Hoeper Sr. (Patricia Reid)

Marybeth Hoffman (Her Family)

Joe Hoffmann (Mark and Charisse Miller)

Joan Hough (JoAnn and Tom Caporizzo)

Dorothy Housh (The Semadenis)

Violetta Jackson (Mary E. Stuart)

Robert R. Jackson (Bill and Joyce Tuck)

Jimmie Jacobs (Debbi Kalberer)

Howard Jansen (Linda Jansen)

Lawrence Jewett (Donna Miller-Jewett)

Edythe M. Jones (Penny Moeller)

Pauline Karnaze (Terry)

Lawrence Kaup (Klaus and Leann)

Audentia Kavanaugh (Fannie)

Joslyn Kejr (Jessica Kejr)

LeRoy Kelley (William and Virginia Eichler)

Donna Kester (Her family)

Leona Kietzman (The Lipford Family)

Helen and Russell Kingsley (your daughter, Mary)

Saul Klein (Randall Klein)

MaryAlice Klotz (Tom and Mary Klotz)

Gerald and Alvena Knabe (Mary and Craig Buller)

Melanie Hollenbeck Kroh (The Hanson Family: Dave, Linda, Anna, Kirsten and Drew)

Cynthia Krueger (Sylvia and Ken)

Norman Kurz (Family and Friends)

Diane Lagesse (John Lagesse)

Bob Lay (Mary and Roger Stephenson)

Tracy Lenihan (Matt Doran)

Heather Leonardi (Jefri and Robert Franks)

Edward Austin Lewis (Judy and Craig Arnold)

Bridget Lietzke (Dad)

Fighter Elias Logan (Patricia Andrews and Dill Rhodus)

Christopher Lutz (Ron and Eleanor Basgall)

William Mackey (Family)

Mary Mantel (Jeff)

Stan Marshall (Dave and Debbie Marshall)

Missy, Mindy & Michele Masterson (Ellie Slater)

Matt McAnaw (Susan and Michael Avery)

Kay and Jack McCarthy (Ellen McCarthy)

Hugh and Frances McCullough (Ron McAdams)

Connie McDole (Tom and Jayna Spornitz)

Meryl McKean (Steven and Mary Kate Alkire)

Jim McLaughlin (Marilyn and Dave Pattison)

Mary Ann McOsker (The McOsker Family)

Darlene Meltzer (Lauren Aaronson and Philip Meltzer)

Stephanie Mnookin (The Igoe Family)

Mary Anne Molner (Naomi and Mike Silverman)

My Mom (Penny Zadeh)

Mom (Norma Young Neill)

Mom and Dad (Christopher Chilcutt)

Vera Monohon (Her loving family)

Sandy Moore (C. Louise Weller)

Tullio Mordini (C. Murphy)

Armando Moreano, MD (Elena)

My Parents (Susan Wadlow)

My Parents (Harlene Hipsh)

Claudia Mae Nelson (The Nelson Family)

Julie Neubecker Anthony (Mom and your family who miss you)

Alice Newton (Roger Benson)

Irma and Richard Nickum (Their Loving Children)

Arletha North (Maria North)

Deloris Nyberg (David Nyberg)

Joanie Ockerstrom (Karen Brown)

Marilyn O’Connell (Terry and Pat O’Connell)

Marilyn Jane O’Connell (The Bell Family)

Julia Belle Olson (Pat and Christy)

Edward ONeill (Your Daughters)

Joyce Oyler (Carol K. Fortney)

Ethel Painter (Robert and Maxine)

Jack Parrish (Dave Parrish)

Virginia Patti (Family and friends)

Virginia Patti (Vicki Boggs)

Ed and Carol Peakes (Jeff and Linda Peakes)

Tori Jade Peavler (The Bell Family)

Leon Peine (Kipp and Janet Adkins)

Jane Phillips (Twila Spencer)

Joe Poeschl (Jen Poeschl)

Nancy Porto (Mary Brady)

Jeanne Pryzby (Her Husband)

Justin Ramirez (Emil and Billie Ramirez)

Dorothy Reynolds (Debbie Marr)

Sam Rickner (Rickner Family)

Pat Rigby (John and Naomi Shipp)

Wilbur Rimmer (Steve and Becky Rimmer)

Wilford Robison (The Meyer Family)

Walter Rohrer (Lydia, Matthew and Monica Smith)

Mr. and Mrs. Morris K. Roseboom (family)

Father Norman Rotert (Gene)

Sy Rudnick (Howard and Ritchie Kaye)

Beverly and Carol Russell (David and Lana Logston)

Scott Rusterholz (Your Loving Mom)

Ellen Ryden (Jane and Mike Scherrer)

David and Mary Jo Ryffe (Charlie, Rosemary and Michelle Sailler)

Eugene and Isobel Rose (Maureen and Michael Balsbaugh)

Chuck and Mary Sailler (Charlie, Rosemary and Michelle Sailler)

John and Zelma Sanders (Jay and Ronda MowBray)

June Sargent (Valerie Morrison)

Brenda Scaison (Teddi Wolff)

Dorothy Marie Scanlon (Steve and Vicki Scanlon)

April Schanz (Sherry Templeton)

Fred Schmidt (Darold and Janice Wulfekoetter)

Menno A. Schmidt (Karen Schmidt Alexander)

Betty Schneider (Julie Schneider)

Charles and Billie Seifert (Dr. and Mrs. William Seifert)

Sue Shepherd (Mary Brady)

Vera Sieben (Mike and Cheryl Sieben)

Dr. Marjorie Sirridge (Pat and Christy Sirridge)

Minnie B. Smith (Claudia Smith)

Forrest Sorrells (Tom Sorrells)

Ann Starr (Mary, Mike, Austin and Colton Starr/Gamble)

Jack and Martha Stern (Stanley Stern)

May Stover (The Chronister Family)

Louis Swyden Sr. (Connie and Larry Haug)

Louise Teague (Her Family)

Amber Telford (Tonya Hughes)

Annie May Thorne (Ron and Adele Vine)

Natalie Thowe (The Mojica Family)

Tillie and Leo Tiuck (Joan and Fred Hill)

Pete Toledo (Susan and Michael Avery)

Larry Trammel (Tharun Trammel)

June and Shuler Trice (Cynthia Eubank and family)

My son, Michael Trimble (Vicki Oderkirk)

Jack Turk (Diane Turk)

Ambrase Virgo (Beverly Virgo)

Linda Vochatzer (The Family)

My Loving Mom Norma Wallace (Larry Gene)

Josh Walsh (Charlie, Rosemary and Michelle Sailler)

Becky Waltz (The Lowe Family)

Lynn Ward (Dr. M R and Kay Jayaram)

Mary Waters (Brian Waters)

Mom and Dad Weiblen (Your Loving Daughter)

Marjorie Weide (A.R. Weide, M.D.)

Judy Williams (Dr. and Mrs. William Seifert)

Jim Wilson

Denny Wiseman (his family)

Lola Wurth (Paul Wurth)

Margie Winland Young (Julia and Bill Sanders)

Josh C. Young Sr. (Gloria Young)

Bruce Zeil (Mom and all the family)